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  1. I can’t wait for this new documentary to be released!
    I am constantly searching the internet for new information about
    I try to tell people about what he did and send them the first video that I watched with Sargent Horton telling the story of how we are all born into the birth certificate system. So far no one is as obsessed with this as I am.
    Could you please let me know if when you send in your claim of the live life do you have to give up your social security? I thought I heard David Miller say that on one of the videos.

    Thank you,

  2. Calling in an old spiritual Hopi Bond Greeting Russ Jay Gould

    First excuse me for using fictief language and some mistypos i am very buzy atm jugling several thing but thats the way an writer of stories write
    Nothing wrong with that as long as we are able to communicate with eachother.

    I know only the very basics of Quatum Grammar en see the benifits in making contract in now time with facts so there is no misunderstanding between 2 or more contracting parties. I definatly need to master this use of language i became part of the Quatum Community for this purpose some 3 months back.

    Last night was the first time i received an invitation to attend an Quatum Community Meeting in wich you were sheduled to speak wich triggerd me to attend also the invation came on this specific timestamp wich is no coincedence but it is Divine Timing

    I need to tell you first a bit more about what i do so you understand below follows an translation of part of an document i made in the dutch lanaguage in wich i use simple Gematria

    I am Frank Remie born on
    17101967 1+7+1+0+1+9+6+7 =32 3+2=5
    * also if you add days and months with the year you get 1994 1+9+9+4 = 23 2+3=5

    Frank 6+9+1+5+2=23 2+3=5
    Remie 9+5+4+9+5=32 3+2=5

    Born 17:55 = 5:55 Pm (5 before the 6 in the evening) 5 5 5 (5)
    house of birth with the number nr 5 (you can not make this up its an fact)
    the first lettres of my names
    PAF 7+1+6=14 1+4=5

    Mijn Birth sign = Scales 1+3+1+3+5+1=14 1+4=5

    Together with father before his passing i did the CB Radio Hobby
    My call sign Zwarte Uil ( dutch) first i could not find my number here till i remembered that i also spoke over the seas and then used Black Owl
    Owl 6+5+3=14=5 (the Number 14 is my second confirmation number so is 23 32 41)
    Black Owl is also named Strix Owl
    Strix 1+2+9+9+6=27 2+7=9 Owl +14=23 2+3=5

    i can go on and on and on with examples they keep on popping up in my life so basicly for me these are confirmation numbers if i can find them i am hitting the mark so to say

    I am using this developing technic atm to better my own life and those around me in fact helping me manifesting my true love an long thing comming and also destined on Divine timing

    finding out things in the past is a lot easier then predicting the future i can tell you, so its the past i want to tell you about in the tittle i mentionend Calling in an old Hopi Spiritual Bond this is the case here

    I have been an Hopi Heyoka verified with above system in a past life part of the counsel of elders ofcourse and soul brother of the chieftain and you might guess it already or even know it but you also were there it is no coincedence that once again people call you the chieftain because in this special time we are living in echoos of former lifes and those who see become awere of them and those who are empowered can incoorperate them that iswhat i do incooperat past lives wich in fact makes you even see more enable even more insights in turn its an evolving proces going up and up in energy truly remarkable and a blessing

    This is powerfull i can say but like the saying goes with great power comes great responsibilities and what good is it to finally being able to be with the one i love if the world around us crumbles to dust

    I know the world is evolving old systems breaking down and all but that being said it would be nice to have some ground still standing to build upon so for that i called in you help brother i do know you have you own power and you also have told us in the recent past that power can be called upon

    So this call for help is for my country the Netherlands things are finnally heating up but our people are sadly a long way beyond the curve and need some more time to catch up an you guessed it time is running out my beautyfull country is starting to become an dictatorship of the worst sneaky backstabbing kind and that can not be allowed the people of the world really need peacefull places to live and thrive and it has to start somewhere.

    master simple gematria to manifest good things =464=14=5
    here because of Divine Timing 248=14=5
    here to love and grow in love 284=14=5
    Frank one of the 144 Thousants 284=14=5
    Russel is one of the 144 Thousants =356=14=5 you should know what that means

    the situation in the netherland will go out of hand =500=5 (only the 5 i need to dig deeper)
    Dutch government needs to be powerless before 18 August 2020 563=14=5
    situation in the netherlands requires help before 21 August 2020 =608=14=5

    fact the government is about to pass an emergancy bill in the netherlands at August 20 2020 making it basicly an dictator ship My number chrunching adding up to around the same date is enough for me atm

    i probally need to work only with words and not numbers in dates and such to minimalize marges of errors in this i am evolving in my craft i am realising this learning all the time i felt a bit in a hurry so forgive me again for this use of language wich i realise contradicts the bases on wich Qatum Grammer is build but one has to row with the means one has atm

    With higest regard Brother Peace Love Unity Respect and Namaste

  3. I have a document titled “ROGUE-SABRE-1-An-OP-ED-By-Former-US-Armed-Forces-Special-Operations-Soldier-“. It was my introduction to these subjects. Upon reading, I found a small number of minor editing errors e.g.witch instead of which, repeated words, etc. Would it be of benefit to edit then forward this pdf version or at least forward a list of the apparent typos w/page number?

  4. @ Postmaster: Russel-Jay: Gould The SB arrest is very nice this will make the puppets here very nervous thank you. I am looking forward speaking to you soon brother ? Peace Love Unity Respect and Namaste ? (PLUR?N )

      1. :Greetings.
        :Well-done. Was sad that it was limited to an hour and thirty minutes. I could listen for hours about this great hero and what he has done for man-kind.
        :Thank-you :Russell-Jay: Gould.

  5. Chief , words can’t describe how much I appreciate you and all who have help you along your journey. I feel I owe a debt of gratitude I can never repay . Thank you so much for providing closure on things I’ve known in my heart to be true but do to my own ignorance could never articulate. Truth about the fraud . I am extremely humbled and inspired by your work and courage . I’m just beginning the process of learning how to join and navigate your system. I applied to make my Live-Life-claim, I’m just curious how long the forms may take to be delivered and if there is anything besides joining the quantum community and requesting the forms on the website, is there anything else I need to do in order to receive the paperwork. Thank you

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