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Also available on youtube. Thanks for sharing. https://youtu.be/fpFzt77huxc

©Rachel Prince 2020/2021
  1. Greetings to the man Russell Jay Gould: if I may I would like to start out by saying thank you…

  2. I love your name, I respect your heritage. No disrespect but I disagree with you not wanting to learn more…

  3. I uploaded Your / War Castles-The Beginning of The End Of The NWO , on My Gab tv channel It…

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  1. Also, please … I haven’t been able to copy and paste instructions to share it (can’t share) to my Facebook or to someone’s webpage.
    This needs to cover the entire planet ASAP. How can I do the sharing?

    1. I agree that’s exactly what I’m asking. Is there anyone that one accord case using common law or your documentation? I have friends losing their kids to CPS I’m trying to help. Still no case to be found.

      1. You won’t find a case. Any who have done and proved in court. Which you have to know forwards and back. Because they will try to make you fall into their system. Anyways those few who do this are then basically paid to not speak of this knowledge and I assume some form of NDA is established. Because at the end of the day. Everyone sells out. Rather some money to make your life a little better and continue to condemn your fellow man into this bullshit system to continue.

        In essence, yes, it is great to see this finally getting exposed by multiple different people lately. But again people talk a big game, but actions never reflect.

        Is this information true. Yes. As far as my research has gone it looks that way. Don’t believe, stop a asking people to do the work for you and start looking into yourself.

        That is Americans problems they refuse to pay attention. To put in some good research, reading, inquiring, questioning. They just want someone else to do it and give them the answer.

        Trust me there is an endless amount of bizarre and information of things that have been hidden from common knowledge. We would not be in this absurd state of things if people actually tried to educate themselves and paid attention to something other than their self absorbed lives.

        So easily distracted by politics and race you can’t see shit happening in front of your face. So instead of putting hopes into one guy. How about your look into this for yourself. Learn it. And be part of the solution not the problem. And yes doing nothing is part of the problem, posting and doing nothing will result in nothing. Learn this. Take your cites and counties back. If you want change. Make it happen.

        Or just continue to “support” this guy and wait around watching the last of our rights vanish and have 0 control of anything in our lives.

        Unfortunately, I doubt he will be able to stop things already in motion. There are already troops in the United States. Waiting..

        You should all probably pay closer attention to things. It isnt like they are being Sneaky about the relocating of military equipment. But hey i don’t care if you believe me. It’s much easier to stay in denial thinking something like that can’t happen. Ya know because history doesn’t show us any sort of relatable scenarios.

        I don’t put a lot of faith in people but I am still out every day doing what I can to slow some of what is coming. And it may not be a large scale of impact, but even in my negativety towards people in general, I still think freedom is a right to all and try to fight for this.

        Just getting tired of seeing comments sections filled with people doing nothing but waiting for someone else to fix it.

        And that mindset is the one where we have lost. No one person will make it right. This has to be a united front of Americans working together to take their country back, well taking it really for the first time as a free land. If you can’t understand that, again we lost.

        If you need it spelled out there is something big coming down the works. If you think it’s bad now… Just wait the next couple months going to make this look a vacation.

        But I guess bitching online and watching TV and movies is far more important than the rest of your lives and childrens futures. It’s absurd to me how anyone can just sit around complaining

        1. Nice!
          Yes irresponsible for people to spend their lives in programming, thinking it’s great entertainment and not the containment it largely is.

          Re Claim of Lives.. is this for Americans only? I’m Canadian. I think everyone on the ship planet is owned and profited by their birth record.
          How extensive is the Claim of Life in helping those of us other than Americans free ourselves from a chattel state.

          Thankyou so so much.
          Great thanks to the Chief!

    of the

  3. SO THANKFUL IT TIME to come forward
    Pleased to have found you when
    ‘war castle’s’ first was released
    I will h
    What Performance is needed inorder for me to use my skill set to help move
    So all the people of earth have the
    LIGHT & KNOWLEDGE given by
    to the world.
    I’ve spoken with both Winfred & Ramola
    I was told I’d be in contact, as today Im still willing & waiting for that call
    Anyday Anytime
    himself looking forward ?ASAP
    ? WELL DONE ? ✔ ?
    All in the Making &Performance of this video!!

  4. Please note platforms such as Twitter does not allow word space for the copy and pasting of the instructions for sharing. This is an incredibly important video and I believe for the benefit of the people, most be shared.

  5. Wow! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sacrifice you made for the we the people to free us from bondage .As we move from the fiction world to the now space of love and peace, I know now we are entering world that I waited for many years. Thank-you is not enough, I cannot express my happiness in words. Kind regards

  6. Please : your view on god and his son as a foundation in witch you believe on the creation of the human being?
    Not such an ez solution to humanitys problematic conditions. a solution to the question between the ears of the world of the now ( alive((human)) entities) .
    Is GOD the final thing you need.?

  7. The donation page wont allow me to send through paypal tried multiple times bought wont allow the transaction to complete.

  8. :Russell-Jay:Gould. = Courageous. Truth. Humble.
    I watched the documentary on Youtube a few hours after it was uploaded. I stumbled across Russell a few weeks ago by a random series of events. I ended up going down a rabbit hole of all things, :Russell-Jay:Gould., a hero, a patriot and a humanitarian. Props, :Russell-Jay:Gould., props.

  9. Mind blown… You humility and dedication is inspiring.
    Thank you and your team so much for
    bringing this paradigm shift to the people of Earth.

  10. Disqualification of W.H.O., C.D.C., et.. al.. means their defunct and their present Directors imposters. These past nine-years a charade, as all these entities are without substance, hence, false authority, law, statues, regulation, ordinance, and rules. Why are we listening like they are real??

  11. Brother and Bearer of The Law of God, the Return of the Stone Kim Clement Spoke Of. Many of Us are Here to Help You Chief. Reach out to us, Men of GOD. We are One. We Honor You, as We All Honor the Creator .

  12. Wow. The synchronicities that I had that helped me find you and this video/documentary amaze me. I was a hairstylist / small business owner in Denver Colorado in the early 90s until 2006. I met some one who was studying David -Wynn : Miller information to. Win a court case. I did a bit of research then, but determined I could not understand it at that time. I then found some one mentioning his name last week and immediately remembered that story. I then Researched his name and found Russel-Jay:Gould. I am very exited to learn. I am studying. I am a sovereign being. I choose love truth and peace for all beings.
    Thank you.. Thank you!

  13. Thank You Russell Jay Gould for your determination of not giving up even under insurmountable odds to reach your achievement.

    I, Myself and Many Other Citizens of the World are currently being subjected and submitted to Human Trafficking and Non-Consensual Medical Experimentation for profiteering by Satanic Freemasons within The Australian federal and State Governments at the highest levels, The Australian Defence Forces, Various Australian Police Force Services and both Australian and Multinational Corporations to numerous to mention here and I’m being subjected to burning 24/7 with military grade microwave, electronic and sonic weaponry targeting my body, eyes and all internal organs.

    I have documented proof of who these organisations are, who are torturing me.

    However, there are millions of us innocent people suffering the same fate right here in Australia and right across the world including in America Canada, Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Iran, China, New Zealand, India and countless other countries, what will you do to stop this and how quickly can you stop this before many of us die and/or are permanently maimed and injured due to this non-stop daily torture and experimentation?

    Thank you for you help and assistance Russell Jay Gould, in putting an immediate stop to these “Crimes Against Humanity being perpetrated on us daily” and look forward to your positive and prompt reply.


    Timothy John Robertson
    Unit 2, 2 Acacia Place,
    Kawana, North Rockhampton,
    Queensland, Australia, 4701

  14. It would be great if Russell would do a weekly update for the citizens. Perhaps 1/2 hr of whatever he wishes to chat about, always released same day and time so we can stay connected. And he can record at his convenience.

    The many interviews are great but he is often cut off from completing what he wanted to say and his own platform would get his uninterrupted messages out.

    ✨Much Gratitude from All of us for the Many years of Perseverance and Hard work.✨

  15. Thank you Russel ! Brother I encourage all hear as Believers in the Lord Jesus to Keep you and your love ones in Prayer ! I just found you info 2 days ago and the Lord show me something of Intervention was coming Oct 9 ! I look into this date and found it was the day the Post office was Birthed ! You are about to do an Amazing thing as becoming the Head of our Supreme Court ! Only warning I have is Guard your Hearts Seed People of God ! Amen

  16. After thousands of years. and this group still lying,
    mixing you up with N.E.S.A.R.A. on the timeline, I guess staying in the now is the only option.
    I’ll put all my heart and soul into this if you really pull it off.
    I don’t have time on my side, and have been fighting the impossible fight the wrong way! I will work hard, because this is the only thing on my bucket list!

  17. Thank you Sir for your strength and your compassionate act for We the people, there are no words. These are powerful tools but a dangerous ones, so may our Lord God bless you, your actions as well as their effects. May these systems only be used by the will of the Father through his son our Lord Jesus Christ & thru the Holy Spirit for goodness & for his glory only for now and forever.

  18. The only one I was able to get any info from is mark Kishon Christopher. I know you have disqualified him for not being correct. so I have looked for someone else to huide me in this process of live life claim and beyond.

  19. I can’t stop crying today as I meditate upon all that has been done for us by this man. My heart breaks for the people of the world but I know we are going to win

  20. Thank you so much for not only saving our Country but for saving the world! God made you for this time! God Bless you Russell J. Gould! YOU are our American Hero!!!

  21. Great thinking!
    Would like to learn more about this quantum grammar, do you have classes planned?

    This is the right thought process, however we need the actual physical “muscle” of the people, precious metals / money, to be placed into your banking system, with the quantum grammar text in all contracts, to protect all in regards to following the truth.

    It is very heart warming to know you accepted your mission, from God to reclaim our nation symbolized by our flag. I hope this encourages all to openly and honestly research our divine spirit, culture and history to know the truth. I also pray that our current system admits to the public the bankruptcy of 1999, and praise your knowledge and patriotic action in the reclaiming of it. We do not need to be controlled by self proclaimed forces, who are no longer authorized to demand our submission.

    If time permits, please let us know when you plan an educational event, such a court martial, and if possible send out notices so we may join you.

    Thank you for all your dedication and services in our behalf.
    All the best, Laurel

  22. YES, good work. Can’t believe they would abuse you like that and also the truck load of military men – what was the purpose of drugging them for a “bomb” sacrifice, just to begin another war? Sick.

    Ditto on the China virus, bogus fear mongering for a cold / flu .
    People in power are the criminals!
    Thank you, and God bless you.

  23. I uploaded Your / War Castles-The Beginning of The End Of The NWO , on My Gab tv channel It has been viewed over 600 times .. I tried to up load this one , it was a bit to big of a file , Great presentation , Thank you and god bless you

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