: Taking-Control of Your World.

: Hello-Quantum-Patriots,

For the first-step in the QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEM IS with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of your journey, but, WHY?

In the year-~1999, UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Came-out of a third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY, Which, You-will-learn-on in the FILM: LAST-FLAG-STANDING.COM.

For the consequences of that third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY-ENDING, Creates-scenarios, that, Every-Citizen, WASN’T-READY-FOR &: NEVER-KNEW! For these scenarios of the ENDING-AUTHORIZATIONS ARE with the corporate-structures of the FORMERUNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Such as the ENDING-BIRTH-CERTIFICATE-SYSTEM of the UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

: Since, EVERY-CITIZEN IS, STILL-participating with their BIRTH-CERTIFICATE in the structuring with every construct of their lives, Such as their schooling, driver’s-license, passport, social-security, businesses, wills, [re]tirement-funds, homes, courts &: banks, CAUSING-OWN-HARVEST &: PEOPLES’-SLAVERY in our Great-Land. For this consequence-closure: BIRTH-CERTIFICATE-PARTICIPATION of the PEOPLES’-Contracts: UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS with each child, woman, man &: Citizen of the PEOPLES’-SLAVERY.

For this new-knowledge in your life IS with the main-volition of the article’s-question: WHYSOLUTION: CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT.

: So with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT as this Nativity-Position IS with the new-structuring of your life’s-contracts with the granting-capacity of a statement with a claim by the NEW-CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT-CLAIMANT.

For the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of the claiming: birth-location, birth-date, birth-parents, claimant’s-current-bio-metrics, foreign-port-navigations &: fee-freight-payments IS with the NEW-CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT-CLAIMANT in this STARTING-QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEM-TREATY.

For this CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT in this Nativity-Position IS with the new-structuring of your life’s-contracts with the schooling, driver’s-license, passport, social-security, businesses, wills, [re]tirement-funds, homes, courts &: banks of each child, woman, man &: Citizen with this SELF-GOVERNING &: CITIZENS’-CONTROL in our Great-Land.

For your First-Step in the Getting: CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT IS with the next-newsletter, which, will-give: website, where-you-can-get-your: CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT.

: DATE-~06-~SEPTEMBER-~2020.


: Thank-you.
: Team-Quantum.


: Podcasts, Public-Speakings[interviews], So, Commander, Can-Continue-[E]ducation for the People. : Send-[in]Queries with the tell@LastFlagStanding.com


: http://www.Paypal.me/russelljaygould

25 Replies to “: Taking-Control of Your World.”

  1. We are looking forward to seeing your system roll out across America and the globe. Thank you for your sacrifice and standing tall for all of us

    1. Hi! D. Berlin.I am from Mexico City and have a question for you:
      Does this subject applies nowadays to Mexico and mexican citizen as well ? and if that is so, how can I proceed to do this LIFE CLAIMER thing start on within my country? As you see I am kind of interested in this matter but do not know exactly what to do or where to start! Saludos y gracias

    1. Please do an interview with Sarah Westal. She has enormous reach and can connect you to many others to get your vital message out.
      Thank you!
      God bless!

  2. I Feel As If This Is The Very Best Way For This World To Go.. I Pray This Will Happen I Wish You The Very Best And I See You At The White House Already Changing This Into Heaven On Earth!!!!
    Thank You
    Jessica(Simply Divine) Fritts

  3. am very confused about the election and who is running for President, is it R. J. Gould or is it D. J. Trump. Have been following/watching War Castle videos. I haven’t seen where Trump is on this election, is he running or not? Maybe I missed it, but can you please tell us what is Trumps role in this election coming up? I also want to thank you Russell J. Gould for the work you are doing.

  4. I would love to help you . I understand the fraud under our fake name. I’m single mom with aspergers son . I know its the vaccines. I know my upcoming g court date for a speeding ticket is fraud. I would like help. I’m unemployed currently and have nothing left to lose.

    Sincerely Dana Newton

  5. You have created a new and unique form of written language. for use in contracts? For use in law? The current powers that be do not all recognize this new language. Those that do recognize this language, are not in complete control. the current government has long displayed contempt for the law, and ruled by force, and farce, openly. The majority of people are functionally unaware of law to the point they don’t recognize crimes committed by public officials openly. Whether your claims of authority, or bankruptcy of the U.S. are true or not, is of no import beside the fact of superior firepower and manpower of your opposition. If the constitution is of no effect, what would you put in its place? Would you put the constitution back ? the courts in Arizona are physically closed in defiance of the state constitution. Are state constitutions invalid as well? Would you put those state constitutions back or put something else in their place? I have not been able to verify your claimed actions within the postal authority or the vatican. I don’t know how to verify such claims. I have lots of questions. thank you. lenny

  6. Thank you for all you’ve done & continue to do. With all due respect, are NESARA / GESARA real?
    Will we actually be debt-free?
    Where can we find the outline on how, & when, this will unfold?
    Is Donald Trump working with you throughout this transition or is he just another part of the problem?
    I am in full support of your authority, however in consideration of how much we’ve been lied to in the past, I’m sure you understand my reservations.

  7. Postmaster General & Commander-in-Chief, I thank you for your service to our country and it’s people. I’m curious if Donald Trump can be your spokesperson? I have so many questions but I will trust that you have the best interest for us all. Thank you!

  8. Cheers and God Bless… we are looking forwards to learning more. Thank You for answering the Call !

  9. Questions?
    Is it possible to “translate” this information into common English which the ordinary man/woman can understand. To present this wording to the average person will be met with blank stares. I would like you to write this up in ordinary English so that it is correct . With that, we can then proceed to tell others about it and try to explain it using the regular English.
    Also, if parents have a Claim of Life for themselves and their children, does that mean that Child Protective(Predator) Services cannot kidnap the children?
    Once the children have been kidnapped by CPS and held hostage for almost a year, is it possible for the parents to get a Life Claim for the children so as to help get the children back?
    Thank you and I look forward to your response.

  10. Greetings and Blessings Mr. Gould. I would like to know if I, a Canadian, can apply for a Claim- Life- Birth- Contract for myself, my wife and two grown children as well. I look forward to hearing from you .
    Thank you for your time and consideration in this most important matter.
    Joe Weber

  11. I am looking forward to next newsletter with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT. My understanding is inconplete, but I am a willing student. Want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. BTW, I have been devastated watching the mask pantomime. I feel so incredibly saddened that mask wearers are falling for such cruelty. Thank you for the work that you have done. It’s amazing.

  12. I am looking forward to next newsletter with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT. My understanding is incomplete, but I am a willing student. Want to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. BTW, I have been devastated watching the mask pantomime. I feel so incredibly saddened that mask wearers are falling for such cruelty. Thank you for the work that you have done. It’s amazing.

  13. I would like to thank you Sir, for everything that you have been through and endured throughout your incredible journey. you really are a remarkable man. I am currently going through the motions of awakening up to the fraud that has enslaved us throughout our lives .

  14. Please forgive my grammar in advance.

    I feel like you are on the brink of becoming very popular. I have a couple questions before this takes place.

    1. The movie Postmaster with Kevin Costner — what do you think of that movie and is it based on real life regarding post office procedures?

    2. Do you know anything about QAnon? He speaks in a grammar that reminds me of you. Also, he speaks of Commander And Chief.

    3. Because you have stated you are a performer, many of us believe you are involved in this “show” with QAnon, JFK and Trump. Performing is not lying if indeed you are in a show. Question, are performing in this particular, “EnjoyTheShow”?

  15. What about the people that are disabled and can not work and depend on social security money every month and they have no other income then that…what are they to do!!!

  16. Hello Chief, I am looking forward to next newsletter with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT. My great-great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian and I feel so connected to nature…nature teaches you how to be a true human being…Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona! Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!

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