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ARTICLE BY RAMOLA D.Twenty-one years ago, in a series of exceptional actions curiously unreported by mainstream media, an event so momentous occurred in the USA that today, as news finally trickles out, with social-media-shares of new interviews that Postmaster-General-of-the-World, Federal-Postal-Judge, Commander-in-Chief :Russell-Jay: Gould has given lately (with Winifred Adams of Making Life Brighter, Nigesti: Abraham, Whitley Deputy of Iron Sharpens Iron, Robert David Steele, myself, at Ramola D Reports), and with the current major release of his new documentary film from filmmaker Rachel-Dara: Prince, :Last-Flag-Standing, and with reposts
ARTICLE BY: RAMOLA DIn a second conversation on Friday, April 24, 2020 elaborating on the first one at Ramola D Reports a week ago, :Russell-Jay: Gould, whose many titles include Postmaster-General-of-the-world, Commander-in-Chief, Federal-Postal-Judge, Plenipotentiary-Judge, all of these deriving from his and his business partner :David-wynne: Miller’s actions in 1999 and 2012 to secure control over the united States of America and Earth—wresting it apparently from the hands of the British Crown, the Vatican, the 13 greedy

: Taking-Control of Your World.

Posted by Rachel Prince on  September 6, 2020
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: NOTE FROM THE CHIEF,: Hello-Quantum-Patriots,For the first-step in the QUANTUM-BANKING-SYSTEM IS with the CLAIM-LIFE-BIRTH-CONTRACT of your journey, but, WHY? In the year-~1999, UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Came-out of a third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY, Which, You-will-learn-on in the FILM: LAST-FLAG-STANDING.COM. For the consequences of that third &: final: INTERNATIONAL BANKRUPTCY-ENDING, Creates-scenarios, that, Every-Citizen, WASN’T-READY-FOR &: NEVER-KNEW! For these scenarios of the ENDING-AUTHORIZATIONS ARE with the corporate-structures of the FORMER: UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Such as the ENDING-BIRTH-CERTIFICATE-SYSTEM of the UNITED STATES INC. &: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  : Since, EVERY-CITIZEN IS, STILL-participating with their BIRTH-CERTIFICATE in the structuring with every construct of their lives, Such as

: Russell-Jay: Gould.

Posted by Rachel Prince on  August 30, 2020
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: Russell-Jay: Gould. As Featured in Last-Flag-Standing & WAR-CASTLES. : Russell-Jay: Gould.HERO OF THIS PLANET, WITH THE KEY TO RESTORETRUTH, HONOR & DIGNITY. You’ve been asking for full DISCLOSURE.  IIn his latest documentary film, Last Flag Standing, Russell-Jay: Gould, brings closure to the 2000 Florida Chads which marked the end of the United States of America Corporation, as a result of the 3rd & Final US Bankruptcy of 1999 where Gould, figured outthe secret

4 Replies to “The Restoration of the United States of America—Commander-in-Chief, Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould has the Title 4 Flag.”

  1. Russell thank you for everything you do for the people of the world. I have watched every video about you and your journey in gratitude and appreciation. Just watched Rice Crypto video about USSC, Crypto Currency and the Quantum Banking System. I am confused as to whether your banking system is actually the Quantum Financial System posted about that will be located on a satelite orbiting the Earth. Thank you for any answers. God Bless

  2. I’m so glad that you have this website. I won’t have to hunt you down anymore. Lol! I would like to learn correct grammar so I’m looking forward to get-updates on the Claim of the Life-form, future- syntax-lessons/teachers &: global-news in the now-space.
    I love how you’re so smart, super chill and tough when you need to be. You’re the kind of leader we need.
    (I almost didn’t comment because my grammar is horrible. I just wanted you to know that you’re appreciated.)

    : Russell- Jay: Gould Thank you for all you do.

    Have a great day!

  3. I would like to find the Quantum Grammar Book by David-Wynn: Miller. All I could find was a price of $300 for 92 pages, Wow!
    Important information to change the way a society conducts itself should be free. I am 60yrs young and on disability. Is there a PDF you can send me? Thank you.

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